HealthThink public relations is a specialist agency with precise targets and well-designed message. Our professionalism and passion are the key to success in the healthcare sector.

  • We are the largest specialist agency on the Polish market,
  • We are the leader in specialist agencies in Poland,
  • We have been active and effective in PR sector for 5 years,
  • We can confidently call ourselves the specialists in the healthcare sector,
  • Our professionalism and creative activities contributed to the fact that so far over 30 brands have trusted us,
  • We were privileged to work with many great clients who shared the same passion and vision like us. Among them, we can mention Unilever- the leading manufacturer of FMCG sector, Ustronianka and network of pharmacies EURO-APTEKA,
  • The dynamics of development and effectiveness of undertaken actions make us unbeatable,
  • The level of revenue increase is 200% per year,
  • Our team consists of young, energetic and creative enthusiats of public relations,
  • Our most valuable assets are the doctors and the pharmacists with whom we collaborate on projects,
  • Experience and passion are our recipe for your success.