Dbam o Zdrowie

The Dbam o Zdrowie pharmacies form the largest network of well-known and respected pharmacies in Poland. DOZ is also a founder of DOZ charitable foundation which deals with a series problem in Poland, namely not buying prescribed medicines and discontinuation of recommended therapy.

The range of services for DOZ included the creation of communication strategy, medical copywriting, educational programs, and also media relations which supported medical events organized by Mobilne Badania. You can find more information about Mobilne Badania on the website www.mobilnebadania.pl. This brand is also a part of ThinkGroup.

  • The brand’s participation in medical events and also media relations activities resulted in reaching to 6 000 patients,
  • We wrote more than 50 press releases,
  • We got nealy 500 publications in local and national press,
  • The events organized by our agency resulted in 15 000 new patients who joined loyalty programs.


Read more about DOZ on www.doz.pl