Posnet is a producer of cash registers and fiscal printers, and also a provider of solutions supporting trade and services. The company cares about innovative structural solutions, durability of the products and their modern design.

The cooperation with the brand was a project  contract. Our agency’s services included the creation of brand communication strategy among the selected group of doctors and the organization and conduction of advertising campaigns in the care sector.

  • We promoted Posnet brand during the period when the regulation of cash registers was introduced,
  • Two-time participation of the brand in medical events resulted in reaching about 4 000 doctors,
  • 10 000 people were the recipients of our email campaigns,
  • Using PR activities, our agency promoted the brand in the healthcare sector, resulting in gaining Advertising Value Equivalent worth 100 000 zlotych.

Read more about Posnet on www.posnet.com.pl.